The fun part of testing if a campaign should sound funny and modern or clean and smart.

What's the first thing you see when meeting a new website, poster, campaign or newspaper? Beware you might fall in love (or hate) with it at first sight.

The person who thinks that nine pregnant women can deliver a baby in one month.    

Basically a fun house for adults that refuse to grow up.

That moment when you realise they don’t need you anymore because they developed an algorithm that can do what you did. Faster and better.

Everything has to be aligned. It bares OCD, we know it. We’ve accepted it. So should you.

The rush of changing all your website’s images from Untitled 87899 to Brand Name - Something relevant - something SEO related.

You never get rid of high school. You or the client will want to become the most popular kid on the block. And it’s all up to you to make it happen.      

The Nirvana of designers, copywriters and web developers.    

It’s what the user doesn’t see. It’s what’s happening behind the curtains. It has to work well.

The client's favourite word when asking for a "creative idea" for his campaign, that you also have to come up with.

If you don’t watch it, you’ve chopped it. For the love of God, put some margins to your stuff, printed and whatnot.

Meet your new friend. He is open-source, has all the latest extensions and likes to make your life easier. Your projects will thank you later.

Beers and cider. Unrelated puns. Coffee spilling. Annoying laughter from the meeting room. Postponed for tomorrow because there are no ideas worth to be shown to the client.

Don't get anxious, it's not an IKEA instruction manual, but a very important document with nice images, rules and instructions for using a brand.

More than the logo, it is the whole aspect of a company’s distinct ways of positioning itself. Also, protagonist of the famous ‘Evolve the Brand’, which just means your logo sucks.

The words that won’t let you get lost on the website.

Funny questions with funny answers about brands, business, clients. Also known as the opposite of the final deliverable.

A kind of purgatory where you find that you did something wrong and now have to spend a lot of time trying to find out what, without causing more damage.

If the variable or function name is multi-word, it is common to use the intercapped convention of naming identifiers, also called CamelCase (since the capital letters stick up like the humps on a camel).

Periods of time when the client refreshes his website every 4 seconds to make sure it’s still working.

The magical place where all the websites get once they are launched. You might even call it Heaven.

Commonly known as a sweet abbreviation of the colors used in printing machines: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. To us it’s more of a Can’t Make Your Color situation.

You don't have to repeat yourself. It's kind of annoying. Duplicate code makes you look dumb. Don't be dumb, reuse your code.

Comments give the reader a good idea of what the program is trying to accomplish without having to look at the actual code. Your future self, your co-workers, even your mom will thank you later for writing down the what, how, and why of your code in human language.

You’re usually going to hear this as ‘it needs more contrast’. Let’s break it down for you: make everything ‘er’, bigger, darker, lighter. But don’t change anything, of course.

The actual number of people that come to your party aka. “the website”, who enjoy all the drinks you leave around and want to congratulate you. The more the merrier.      

In case you needed to confuse your parents even more about your worklife, this is the place for you. You'll get to hang out with other weirdos, exchange ideas and work on your projects far away from home. What are you waiting for?

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use this word around. The legend says that this can cause serious damage on your image. Under no circumstances should you ever use the phrase „I am a creative person”. Of course you are, Karen, you are a human being.

The guy that sits there with his red pen and circles the right idea, based on what he had at lunch.

Save the trees. They don’t read those anymore. Go digital.

The day that makes everybody lose their mind and show their true colors.    

Fixing your fucking mistakes. The fun part of programming.

Good job! You have survived the feedback labyrinth and made the client happy. Now go celebrate with a beer, you deserve it.      

A planet populated by pixels, platforms, apps, visuals and anything you were dreaming of in the 90s.    

Attention, interns! It means „I know exactly what I want but don’t want to influence you”. Also, they will probably hate anything you present.

Also known as the reality check once you have the perfect name for your client. Now go dig around and see how all .coms, .eu and .ro are taken. You might drown your sorrow in .vodka, .agency or .bar.    

Dots per inch. Don’t. Forget. This explains why your images get horribly pixelated, dude. Go for the 300 and you should be fine.

The home of shoes, books and all the goodies you can imagine. Now let's code it.

No matter the answer, the next question will always be “But can you do it faster?”

The cute small version of the logo that appears in the browser. The baby logo.    

You will feel like being dumped every time you hear the word, but don't worry, the next version will be better. Hopefully.    


Usually used to describe something that feels new.

A constant written battle where (1) you are sending 20-something emails to ask for a minor thing from the client that he somehow keeps forgetting or where(2) the client keeps asking for things the last minute. They never get it right.    

It’s what the user sees. Then it has to look good, doesn’t it?

A reusable piece of code that does something for you but who can’t multitask. At least he tried.

Infinite dull text on a dull layout that you can find on any decent website. It basically says that agencies can use everything they know about users in order to provide tailored content for them.

Give the client an obvious mistake like a typo or something so they get distracted by that instead of making you re-do everything.

The magical place where you can see what a user actually does on your website. You will thank those numbers later, just make sure you have it set up alright.

Forget anything else. This is it. Doesn’t matter if you have a great design, unless you put it’s content inside a consistent grid, you know, those crazy intersecting lines. No grid, no great design. No inbetween.

Menu icon composed of two horizontal stacked lines.

That moment when you have 70000 users a day on a website that usually has 700. With a 7 euros budget.

A slumber party for adults trying to implement a brilliant idea they had in another hackathon.    

Menu icon composed of three horizontal stacked lines.

Once just an useless character on the keyboard, now a social media trend that makes everyone looks dyslexic. #yolo    

That magical trick when numbers get represented as colors.

When you are out of office but you startle every time your phone buzzes cause it might be a client asking for one more change.

Once a month, new people come to the agency. Some might come again and become your colleagues, others you might never see again. Don't get too attached.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Think of it as the skeleton of a webpage. It deals with basic content. So in order to create a visually compelling and dynamic website, you’re going to need some CSS and JavaScript. Otherwise it will look ugly.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Basically, HTTP with a twist.

Literally means ”I hate it and don’t want the responsibility of admitting it”.

The name of a variable, function, type, or other kind of object. Give your identifiers names that actually describe what they are so that someone who has no idea what your code does can be able to figure it out as quickly as possible.

Get used to formatting your code, it's really not that hard.

When the client has money to spend on animations.

That’s you. Now go get some coffee and be awesome.    

Who needs it anyway? You can be whatever you want, from Code Curator to Scrum Master or Happiness Manager. The choice is yours.

Process in typography of adjusting the space between characters. Be gentle, it can go south very quickly. Oh, and there is Tracking, an amazing tool for adjusting an even amount between characters.

A mini website that has many goals in mind. A baby website.

Pop the champagne.

I know they don’t teach this in school. But. Work. With. Layers. Your future self will thank us later.

A person who actually understood your design and is interested in the brand’s products or services. Good job!    

An extremely hard accomplishment done by a designer to create a trademark for some person or company who does not really know what they want - they just want it fast.

Debate time. Grab a pen and write it down, you will literally hear all the places where you can eat in town. Then they’ll end up to one of the 3 places they always go.